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Shoshuriki Deox Air Freshener Deodorizer For Toilet Clean Floral

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RM 19.90
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RM 19.90
  • [Blocks odors from immediately afterwards] Deox deodorizing power is a revolutionary deodorizing air freshener that works well with the "odor after exhaust" that has never been treated before. Eliminates odor stress after using the toilet
  • (About 96% of the effectiveness of this product) This product has been proven to be less likely to feel the smell of the stool compared to our previous products. November 2019 Esity research
  • Receptor Block Deodorizing: The traditional deodorizing effect is maintained against the strong and unpleasant smell in the toilet. At the same time, the receptor block provides an overwhelming deodorizing effect
  • Compact and Standing Type: The compact size makes it easy to place and provides strong deodorization.

How To Use 

(1) While pressing the PUSH button, open the container and take out the medicine cup.
(2) Slowly peel off the aluminum seal on the drug cup.
* Do not remove the white sheet.
③ Align the white sheet side of the drug cup with the back of the container and set it as it was.
(4) Place in a stable place at least 5 cm away from walls and furniture.
*It is recommended to use in a stable position higher than the waist.
* There is a space in the drug cup, but the content is as shown.
*Replace when the drug disappears and the scent becomes weak.

Please use the replacement (sold separately) after use.