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Shoshuriki Nano-powered deodorizer Air Freshener For Room -Charcoal & Sandalwood (400ml)

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Patented deodorant technology-filter paper deodorant mechanism

The filter paper inside the cap contains nanopowder *.
* A deodorant that has nano-level pores and adsorbs bad odors.

Nanopowder quickly and strongly adsorbs various malodors and deodorizes them.

Take in bad odors and create a nice scent

Pairing deodorant is a method of using a special fragrance to take in a bad odor as a part of a good scent and change it into a better scent. Unlike the masking method, which uses a stronger scent to prevent you from feeling a bad odor, you can deodorize anxious odors with a light and refreshing scent.

① Peel off the upper film along the perforations.

② Twist the outer cover and remove it.

③ Discard the inner cap.

④ Set the outer cover as before and complete.

⑤ Start using

Please use it in a stable place.
It is more effective if you place it in a place with a moderate air flow, about the height of your chest and nose.

[When you want to improve the effect]

Pull up the adjustment part as shown in the figure.
(It can be adjusted by raising or lowering.)
* The usage period will be shorter than usual.

Do not remove the water absorption core

Do not remove the filter paper